My Food Story

I am a home cook. Cooking and feeding people is how I express myself creatively and how I lavish love on the people I care about. I've been hanging out in the kitchen ever since I can remember. My first solo endeavor: tuna casserole. My great-grandparents ran a fishing lodge in Canada before I was born. I think their love of food and entertaining was passed down to me. Food memory and memories around food are the most vivid things to me. Gathering around our long table with friends and family, sharing conversation and good food is my favorite thing to do. 

A few years ago, circumstances led me to spend more time at home. I nourished myself and those around me by amping up my cooking and baking, exploring new dishes, new cuisines outside my comfort zone, new flavors... lots of learning. I'm a restless cook and I seldom prepare the same thing twice.  I often forget what I've made or where I've found the recipe.  When I started posting my food on Instagram, I was amazed myself at how many dishes I made without repeating. Now I like to keep track and revisit and improve on some of the meals or treats I've already put out there. 

My mom always said, If you can read, you can cook. I think that's true. And I hope that with a little inspiration and desire, these recipes can become yours.  Serve them up around your table, standing in your kitchen, on a picnic blanket, to a sick child in bed, at a school event, and they create memories. Let's make some food memories together. Let's create community in the midst of our crazy times.


And in case you were wondering--yes, I'm always wondering what I'm going to cook, too!

Karen Carbone


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